Points from Players

Target Values

Okay – so here’s the deal on target values on the equipment:

Chest = 200

Back = 100

Shoulders and laser = 50.

When you’re tagged you lose 50% of that target value. In case the math is starting to irritate you, you lose -100 points for chest; -50 points for back, and -15 points for shoulders and laser.


A stun is when you are tagged on the shoulders or the laser. When you are stunned, your pack will flash very rapidly, make a strange noise and you won’t be able to fire for 5 seconds – but opposing players can keep firing at you. Pretty nasty situation actually, and an excellent time to get out of there and hide until the stun wears off.

Here’s some tasty info: three stuns equal a deactivation. So if you stun a player three times the pack will go dark for ten seconds. Most of the better players will stun an opponent two times and then use a chest or back deactivation for the third tag. If you’re keeping up with all of this, you’ve figured out that you can get a lot more points off of one player if you use stuns first.

Base Play

Offense: Keeping this simple, the team that gets the most bases wins. Now, think about that for a minute. If a team concentrates on playing as a team (now there’s a novel concept for sure) and works to have each team member capture each of its opponents’ bases, at 2000 points per base they should win the game. If everyone on the team plays as an individual, it’s unlikely that victory is within reach.

Defense: Let’s keep this part simple too. If you prevent the other team from capturing your base, then you are lowering their score. Okay, here it comes – you must leave some players in your base to at least slow the other teams’ offensive efforts. One catch though: make sure the defense gets some relief and has time to go capture the opponents’ bases themselves. For some bizarre reason, players have been known to become mesmerized with base defense and never leave their base the whole game – so watch out for this.

Sentinel Babies

It’s pretty easy to become a “Sentinel Baby” and just wait for the Sentinel to become active the whole game. It’s so easy in fact, we have even taken the time to give you people a sarcastic name. Very bad plan for newer players – you’ll lose the flow of the game, blow off your teammates (a bad popularity move on your part), and probably forget to get your bases, as well. Then you’ll wonder why your score is lousy (and why your teammates are glaring at you).


Reloads at Lazer FX – Lazer Tag are the most advanced components of the laser tag game. The reloads are archways, and they enable you to replenish laser pulses and energies to a full-level without stopping the flow of your game. You can find the three reload stations by looking for the blue police car-type rotating beacons on top of them. You simply walk through the arch and you get a full compliment of whatever you were out of – laser pulses or energies. You can tell you’re low on laser pulses because your laser won’t fire (duh!) and it also emits a sound like an almost empty water pistol. As for energies, your pack will emit a very distinctive four-tone sequence telling you it is time to reload.

Watermarks or Early Reloads

Now this is a very cool feature: you can actually reload on laser pulses or energies before you run out. The deal is you have to be paying attention – actually you have to be listening. In typical reload games your equipment will make a strange sound when you have 2 laser pulses or 2 energies left. In fact, for energies, the pack will beep three times with three energies left, two times for two and so on. Your LCD Display will verify this by stating “low ammo” or “low energy”. Just be careful not to spend too much time looking down at the display or you’ll get tagged for your lack of vigilance on the flow of the game. Anyway, once you hear the sound you can get reloaded. This means you can use those last five pulses or three energies on your way back to the reload, picking up more points along the way. Actually some players walk through reloads as they are cruising around, just to play it safe.