Tuesday at 7:00pm

Novice: Beginner Level
Juniors: 48"-56" Racers
Outlaw: Mid Level Race League
Winston Cup: Entry Level Pro League
Indy Car: Premier Speed League

How It Works

Each League Season will last 8 weeks. Each week will have Two qualification races, 10 laps each. One is forward, and one is backwards.

Rush Racing League Details*

  • The overall best 6 lap times advance to Final heat consisting of a 10 or 12 Lap race (to be determined). Best lap time in Final heat wins! All racers who complete both qualifiers but do not advance to final earn 5points Bonus points for best lap times in qualifying: 1st = 5points 2nd = 2points 3rd = 1 point
  • Finishing results are final on day of G.P. and will not be changed.
  • In case of an incident during a position race, it will be the manager on duty’s decision to change positions accordingly after speaking to drivers involved.
  • If a driver initiates a retaliation of a race incident during or after a final position race, that driver will be dropped automatically to the final position spot in his group and loss of points.
  • If at the end of the season, there is a points tie, the driver with the best podium record will win. Prizes and Trophies given at the end of season.
  • Each racer will have two qualifying rounds consisting of 8 laps each.
  • Your single fastest lap time from both qualifiers will be used to determine your position in the final heat.
  • Group will be divided into a maximum of 6 racers in each heat at a time.

All racers who complete both qualifiers but do not advance to final

earn 5-points


  1. 1st = 20 points
  2. 2nd = 18 points
  3. 3rd = 16 points
  4. 4th = 14 points
  5. 5th = 12 points
  6. 6th = 10 points

FYI : Reservations are encouraged, but not required. We accept walk-in league participants with no issue.

Send us pictures and videos or your league night experience. We love to use these for our Facebook page and our website!

Download Adult Waiver Download Child/Minor Waiver

3550 Ashley Phosphate Rd N. Charleston, SC 29418

(843) 767-4662 


*Please note these are the tentative rules and are subject to change to better suite this location’s track setup and local driver preference*

Karts are assigned at random; no exceptions.

There will be no switching of karts at any time during both any race unless there is a mechanical failure or severe accident, which caused damage to a kart.

You will be able to remove a kart at the end of each qualifying heat.