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Charleston Rush & Lazer FX-Lazertag School Programs

What is a Certificate of Excellence?

The Certificate of Excellence is a tool that teachers can use to encourage and motivate their students!

It’s an actual certificate so you can write in the great things your students have achieved! There are attached coupons, valid for FREE OFFERS at Charleston Rush & Lazer FX-Lazertag!

Instant reward and they can still frame their Certificate!


We will fax you a “COE Submission form”. Have your Principal fill out the form; explain your school’s use of the certificates. Fax it back and we will enroll your school in the program! It’s that easy and your students will have BLAST Learning.


Standardized State Testing

Attendance or Performance

Character Education

Class Project Awards

Student of the Month Recognition

 Charleston Rush  A+ Report Card Program

Get Big Rewards for Good Grades!!!!

Bring in your Original Report Card from Nov. 2013-June 2014* to receive:

4 Tokens for Every “A” or “O” (Outstanding)

2 Tokens for Every “B” or “G”

1 Token for every “C” or “S”

But Hurry Offer valid until June 15, 2015 Only!

*Original report cards must be presented: copies of report cards will not be accepted. Report cards accepted are those issued during Novemeber 2013 through June 2014. Report cards prior to that date will not be accepted. Report Cards dated older than 60 days will not be accepted. Maximum of 20 Tokens per report card. One report card per student, per term. Offer expires June 15, 2014. A+ Program can be redeemed  Monday through Thursdays Only!!!

Charleston Rush Fundraiser Program

The Best Place for any School Event!

 Hundreds of schools have made Lazer FX-Lazertag their choice for all kinds of school events and fundraisers! Our Family-Friendly staff can assist you in organizing all of your school functions!

Our Family Night Fundraisers!

Call our Party Coordinator and select a date for your schools family night, Monday thru Wednesday!

(Hint: Early Release or No School days have the best turnout!)

Customize your flyer with our logo and your school info

Make as many copies as you need

Distribute to Students, Friends, Family and Neighbors

Have them bring the flyer back on your Family Night!

How Your School Profits:

When your guest uses the Family Night Flyer, Your School makes 15% back in any Lazertag Purchase*. *with coupon.


We will fax you a “COE Submission form”. Have your Principal fill out the form; explain your school’s use of the certificates. Fax it back and we will enroll your school in the program! It’s that easy and Your Students will have BLAST Learning.

 At Lazer FX – Lazer Tag we play tag from the far future- laser tag. Experience the heart-racing, adrenaline pumping, non-stop action of laser tag in our huge multi-level arena. For the true Ultimate Laser Adventure you can Own the ZONE. This is a unique Lazer FX – Lazer Tag program where your group can rent Lazer FX – Lazer Tag by the game or by the hour. Here’s how it works.

Own Lazer FX by the game. You and your group are the only one’s in the arena during your game! This is a game buy-out. The facility is open for regular business, but you get to play with just your group. Own the ZONE by the game requires a 25-person guarantee buy-out. You simply telephone us and book a group reservation for 25 to 30 guests. Many groups fall short of the actual 25 player total, so they just chip in and buy the remaining player spots to guarantee exclusive play. You can buy as many Own the ZONE buy-out games as you want. 

Own the ARENA by the hour. This is exclusive use of the entire facility- we are closed to the public! This is an hourly rental program. Lazer FX – Lazer Tag is absolutely yours. We will create special programs and game formats just for your group. Price is determined by the time and day chosen for your event. It is not uncommon for us to host large groups to 150 guests in this program, and to also arrange catering. Of course a group reservation is required.

Own The ARENA events have become a signature highlight for us over the years. Remember you have to book a reservation for an Own the ARENA. Features for Own the ARENA:

We do all the dirty work. Let us know when and how many attending and we’ll take care of the rest.
Large groups are welcome. Groups of up to 100-200 are easily accommodated.
All ages can play. Our players range in age from 4 to 99. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest a minimum age of  four years.
Safe environment. Lazer FX – Lazer Tag is a smoke-free and alcohol-free zone.
Great food. Catering is available for any event.
Open around the clock. Lazer FX – LazerTag has 24-hour availability for special events.

 Contact Us 

3550 Ashley Phosphate Road, N. Charleston, SC 29418  843-767-4662