Lazer FX-LazerTag Membership

Memberships come in the form of smart buttons – great you say, what’s a smart button and why should I care about them, aside from giving you guys more money (not a real bad idea in and of  itself, you know)? Well, smart buttons are the real key to more game play at Lazer FX – Lazer Tag. They are little indestructible (defined as having survived numerous trips through washing machine cycles) electronic devices that tell us all about you and your game play at Lazer FX – Lazer Tag. You keep them on your key chain or on the cool neck chains that we sell, and bring them with you when you come to play. You use them to “Log On” to your pack at the beginning of every game that you play. The pack then recognizes you by first name or in the case of a Member Membership, by a player alias of your choice like “LAZERSTAR”. No more regular pack ID number for you, you have a real identity at Lazer FX – Lazer Tag.


Now for the really excellent aspects of membership. At the end of the game your name or alias comes up on the giant score monitor; we identify your scorecard by your name or alias; and most importantly, you can track your game history at the Member’s Only touch screen monitor in the lobby.

Members get the absolute best benefits of membership.  

They receive special pack enhancements that can be used in certain game formats, like pack based reloads (you can pull your trigger and three times a game reload anywhere in the arena), quick-up instantaneous reactivation (pull the trigger and five times a game you escape being down for the 7 second deactivation period), more laser pulses, and less deactivation time. Great stuff to be had as you want to improve your game. Of course for elite play there’s no substitution for Member – Enhanced Features. A variety of sophisticated equipment features are available at this level. We will be happy to discuss these features the next time you visit the site. Remember these features are available only in select “Elite” games. You should discuss this with us before you buy this level of membership.

We’ve outlined the basics of membership at Lazer FX – Lazer Tag below, but definitely ask us about them when you come to play.


Lord of the Ring Solo Challenge is ON!!

Lazer FX – Lazer Tag is a drug, alcohol, and smoke free Place.

3550 Ashley Phosphate Road N. Charleston, SC 29418  (843) 767-4662