Charleston Race Karts

A) How fast do the Karts Go? 
Even though our Karts are able to race up to 50 mph, Charleston Rush has all Karts set at a Novice Level speed (up to 20-30mph); HOWEVER, the better you race and not hitting barriers or other drivers and get faster lap times. Your Kart speed will start to increase, THE BETTER YOU DRIVE THE FASTER YOU WILL GO!!! Your VIP License will update your Kart to the next faster speed. We obey all SC Amusement Laws.

Rush Race Score Sheet

Rush Race Score Sheet

B) What are the sizes & Age to ride Charleston Rush Racing Karts?
Junior Karts are Min. 8yrs old and 48″ Tall      Adult Karts are 12ys old and 56″ Tall

C) Can a rider be Black Flagged and Removed from Track?
Yes. After 2 crashes or for purposly hitting other riders. Any rider may be Blacked Flag And removed from Track without a refund.

D) Clothing Requirements to ride Karts?
Closed toed shoes, and no loose clothing

E) Can I Bring My Own Helmet?
Yes. As long as it is DOT approved, Full Face helmet & Clear Face shield.

F) Does Charleston Rush Have a timing system?
Yes. We use the same timing system as they do in Formula One Racing as the do in Europe. Each lap is time as you race.

G) Charleston Rush reserves the right to only allow qualified person to ride in karts?
Yes.  For your safety.


 Lazer FX Lazertag

1) Are there age requirements for Lazer FX-Lazertag?
Yes. All guests must be at least 4 years old to play.
2) Do I need a reservation to play LazerTag?
No. Actually, we only take reservations for groups of 20 or more (you must give a deposit and guarantee 20+ players).

3) How long will I have to wait to get in a game?
We love this one. After consulting all known astrology charts, as well as completing extensive statistical analysis; we state with absolute certainty that we have no idea how long the wait will be. Are there better times to come down to play? Sure there are, but they change from week to week. All kidding aside, if you call us, a manager can give you some advice on better arrival times for the day that interests you, but beware, as we have no control over what group might walk in the door five minutes before you get here.

4) Will it be very busy on____________ (you fill in the day)?
See question number 3. This has to be a trick question. You tell us, what’s the correct answer here?

  1. No, we won’t be busy at all for the entire day, which means ultimately we won’t be able to pay our bills, which ultimately will mean we won’t even be here the next time you call.
  2. Yes, we will be completely slammed, so if you love astounding LAZER FX excitement and consistently large games, this is the day for you.

It is now time for a special Lazer FX insight moment. First, ask yourself, what is the correct answer to your question? We figure that you want the ideal game. Ah, the elusive search for laser tag nirvana- the “perfect” game. You know the one we mean: just the right amount of newbies to make certain that you get a good score; not too many young kids, because they always play better than you; the perfect number of players on each team so you and your friends can be together and not have to relate to any strangers; and definitely a game with no role players. Certainly a modest set of expectations. Well good luck in your quest; because we can only guess at crowd size and game make-up.
On a more reasonable customer service note, a manager can offer a few suggestions for certain days in case we have large groups booked.

5) How many people are in a game of Lazertag?
While we can play up to 40+ in a game, the size of your game may vary depending upon the number of players purchasing passes at the time.

6) How often do you run games of Lazertag?
On typical player flow days, we run games every 15 to 20 minutes.

7) How do I get there?

Uh, that would require that we knew where you are. Amazingly this tasty bit of data, most of the time, is never included in the conversation until we ask. Nevertheless, we’ve taken care of this dilemma for you with directions from any place in NC, SC & VA as well as a map finder.

8) Can I be on the same team as my friend?
Better question, does your friend want you on his team? Are you any good? Anyway, we do our absolute best to put friends on the same team. Just tell your game master during the briefing that you have some people that want to be on the same team; but just as in life, there are no guarantees (how poignant) because we have to make even teams- both in size and skill level.

9) Are there clothing restrictions?
Yes. Backless sandals are not allowed due to traction issues on the ramps to the upper decks. We really recommend tie-shoes of the athletic type. Also, the infamous “athletic t-shirt” (you know the muscle type/”_______ beater” shirt) is prohibited. Save them for the gym or the beach or better yet just throw them out.

10) Is running permitted in the game?
Never!!! You are playing in a dark, blacklite arena, filled with mazes, ramps and obstacles. It’s simply too dangerous to run. Pathetic imitations of Marion Jones or, worse yet, some Chargers interior lineman bounding through the arena will get you a points deduction, a time out, or removed of the game.

11) Are the games supervised?

Yes. Lazer FX staff is always in the game insuring a safe and thrilling experience.

12) Are the lasers safe?

Of course on the other hand, we love the sight of high power industrial-level lasers slicing through the air, bringing players to their knees like a wild attack scene from Star Wars. Duh, of course the lasers are safe. Think about it- 950,000 players in five years equals safe equipment. Our lasers seem powerful because they are used in a darkened, fog filled, and themed environment.

13) Do you have other facilities in ?
Our locations are in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida & GA

14) Are there a minimum number of players to run a game?
This Arena is great for Two persons or Large Groups.