Rev up Revenues with Charleston Rush Racing®

 Indoor Family Entertainment Facility including electric go-kart racing offers year-round fun for all ages. Here’s your opportunity to become part of the booming family entertainment business. Charleston Rush Racing® combines all the fun and excitement of auto racing with other games and activities that appeal to adults and kids alike.

The business is centered around our proprietary electric go-karts, presented in a safe, clean, upscale setting that attracts families, birthday parties, racing leagues and corporate events. Add to that any of our other revenue-generating attractions, such as Lazer FX Lazer Tag, Batting Cages, Interactive Bowling, 3D Glow Golf, 40 possibilities in all. The result is a place where all members of the family can enjoy themselves.

Here’s why our concept works…

  • Your business can run 365 days a year. Snow, Rain, Cold…No Problem
  • Climate controlled environment encourages customers to stay longer and spend more.
  • With our graphics packages and clean safe setting, your upscale attractive facility can attract the lucrative birthday party business, as well as corporate events, club functions, after school parties, church functions and more.
  • Proprietary movable barriers allow different track layouts to be created enticing customers to “Come and try the new track.”
  • Offering year-round employment can attract and keep a better-trained and more reliable staff. 

Electric-powered go-karts:

  • Environmentally friendly facilities–no noise or air pollution issues to contend with.
  • No hazardous materials like gasoline.
  • Landlords willing to lease their buildings as Charleston Rush makes a good common wall neighbor to other tenants.
  • Fewer repairs and less maintenance than gas-powered karts
  • Built in automatic speed reduction system
  • Less down-time means more revenue

Repairs and Maintenance:

           Our proprietary design makes getting to the motor, brakes, and controls much easier, cutting down on repair time.  The  one piece bodies make cleaning them easy. 

Charleston Rush Computer System:

  • Our unique Pit Pass system using bar code technology means “cash” is only handled once at the Point of Sale counter. After that, just scan your Pit Pass for entry.
  • Virtually eliminates employee theft.
  • Tracks usage by category, by hour, allowing management to control overhead and profit.
  • Absentee Owner can view all activities, including cash registers, in real time over the internet.
  • Charleston Rush can offer customer support to your store manager in real time over the internet.

What Rush Racing franchisees get…

    • A unique One Stop Shop offered nowhere else in the industry
    • Advanced Karts, not available elsewhere
    • Pit Pass, “No-Cash” system
    • Safety features, the best in the industry
    • Remote support, second to none
    • Choice of up to 40 additional revenue-generating products

Our development team can assist you in…

  • Site location
  • Financing
  • Business plan templates for your bank
  • Marketing, electrical and mechanical engineering

This all boils down to one great advantage: You get to concentrate on sales.
Our proven products, hand selected supply chain, excellent service and support, and the “one stop shop” is what sets us above the competition. Ready to take a spin with Charleston Rush? Request additional information now. Email us at