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Charleston Rush Speedway


Are You ready to RACE!!! Just head out to Charleston Rush and find out that racing in Karts that can go as fast as 50 mph . Charleston Rush has brought the Real Indoor  Karting to the Charleston area. Come out and experience how fast electric karts can zoom around our indoor track. Our junior karts minimum requirements are 8 years old & min of 48" tall. Our adult Karts are 12 years old & 56" tall. At the end of the race you will receive a printout of your lap times.. Yes lap times .. Charleston Rush use the latest timing system the same type that F1 formula race cars use in Euroupe. We are open 7 days a week as we are indoors we are not affected by the weather.

 20140226_190540[1] Charleston Rush Speedway caters to  team building programs, birthday parties, corporate groups, bachelor parties, training seminars, meetings and other special occasions.   In fact Charleston Rush is currently working to create  of 10-plus speedways in the southeast.



LazerFX Lazertag

The ultimate high tech adventure, where cutting edge computer technology combines with action-oriented team play to create an exciting, heart-racing experience. This is a true group activity - you are the game! From children 4 years old and up who expect to be thrilled, to those skeptical adults and business people who need a bit of convincing, everyone is captured by the game moments after play begins.

Of course, there is laser tag and then there is laser tag at Lazer FX - Lazer Tag. Our signature features - including fully themed facilities, Three-team games, unique game arenas (no two anywhere in the world are alike), and our renowned Lazertag Maze play - set us apart from all other laser tag adventures.

New for 2014 Lazer FX - Lazer Tag  underwent a NEW major facility including all new game equipment, new software, a second Sentinel feature (see below), and new hardware; making our venue the most reliable and sophisticated laser tag site in the country. Game equipment and bases actually speak to players during game play, offering game hints and directions. Additionally, our game software is now capable of an endless selection of game formats and game parameter variations to insure a constant ever changing thrill in game play.

The Game

1324170743822The entire Lazer FX - Lazer Tag  experience takes about 20 minutes. You sign in, money changes hands, and you receive a Mission Access Pass. Soon thereafter, your game is called and you enter the Briefing Room, here a staff member offers specific game and equipment instruction, and safety rules. We then divide the group into three teams (designated by either blue, green, or red lights) of up to ten players each and take you into the Vesting Room where the equipment is kept. We have everything you will need. Just wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes (Hint: wear black, you'll find out why when you get here.)

Once in the Vesting Room, you put on your laser pack, quickly determine your pack ID number to retrieve your score at the end of the game, and huddle with your teammates for a last minute strategy-building session and/or chaos.

Finally, a staff member initiates the game sequence - every pack in the vesting room comes alive with voice interactive feedback and literally announces to players that game is about to begin. Now the doors open to the game arena . . . You feel an inconceivable surge of adrenaline as you are thrust into 5.000-plus square feet of awesome play. You immediately confront a fog-filled, blacklite (UV) environment filled with mazes, passageways, ramps and obstacles - all of which are enhanced by incredible forced perspective graphic art and a massive sound system. Often called the Adrenaline Playground, you are now part of the Ultimate Laser Adventure.

Game length for a traditional game of Lazer FX - Lazer Tag laser tag is approx 20 minutes. In these games, you are in the game the entire time. Most of our games are programmed for unlimited laser pulses and unlimited tags or energies- which translates to no reloads to slow down your game play. You can fire your laser hundreds of times in a game and never run out, and you can be tagged again and again (sometimes far more than you'd like) and you always remain in the game.

Of course with our new Equipment we can alter game parameters to achieve a mind boggling array of game formats. We can and do use reloads. We can play "Capture," a game where you capture opponents by tagging their pack, which results in their pack color changing to your team color. This is a hysterical game, where the goal is to have all one team color by game's end. Make sure you ask us more about our Equipment "Game Scenes" when you come play.



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